Thursday Night League - All Styles are Welcome!

Michiana Archery is hosting a winter league led by Joe Kapp.  All styles are welcome.  The league starts on January 4th. 

12 weeks starting January 4th –March 22nd

Start Time- 5:30 pm

$10/night $120. total.  Payable by January 31, 2017

4 person teams of their choosing. If you do not have a preference or 4 other friends, we will pair you up.

450 FITA round to be shot on 40 cm targets

60 cm targets to be used for all traditional, Recurve instinctive styles

80% Handicap

$4 per person per night will go into the prize fund

For every point the team wins, $1 per point will be paid to each team member

No other prizes will be awarded other than Atta boys or Atta girls, possibly a few high fives or fist pumps