• USA-Archery Certified Instructors

  • Decades of Experience Teaching Youth and Adults of All Ages

  • First Class Equipment & Facilities

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This group of USA Archery certified instructors provides private and group lessons, instructor training, parties, corporate events, and community archery events for schools and groups like the Cub/Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, etc, etc..

  • Classes open to all ages 8 and above. Parents & young adults are encouraged to enroll in the course together.

  • All safety gear and equipment for this course will be provided. One may use one's own equipment at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Parents or guardians not participating are to remain with their young adults (those under eighteen years of age) until the lesson ends. Waiver releases are required for all students to participate on ranges. Youth under 18 requires a waiver to be signed by parent / guardian to participate.

  • Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 students. Call us for Group Discounts.

  • Students should dress appropriately with flat, closed toe shoes. Clothing should be relatively snug around the chest and arms.

  • Students MUST arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled class start in order to attend.

Archery Lessons - Introduction
from 50.00

Our private and small group introductory class covers safety, equipment, and includes plenty of shooting.

Lessons bought online are limited to a maximum of 4 students, but larger groups can be accommodated and receive a discount. 
Call if this is your case. 

Duration  About 90 minutes. All equipment is provided.

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Buy 1 person lesson bring a friend FREE.

Please phone to schedule your lesson after purchase.

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Returning / Intermediate Lessons

Refine your shooting form and techniques with our instructors.

Use your own equipment or rent ours.

$25 per person. Purchase at our location.

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Crossbow Safety & Shooting Course

$50 per student

This Course teaches the correct and safest way to handle a crossbow.

Our Crossbow Course is beneficial for those new to the sport and those with previous experience that are seeking additional training of this exciting and challenging sport! It is a 2-hour course that covers range rules, how to safely handle/operate a crossbow and how to perform proper routine maintenance. Our USA Archery certified instructors will help you to be confident in your crossbow on any indoor or outdoor archery range.


Advanced Instruction

Monday Evenings - Joe Kapp

Professional Shooter Joe Kapp makes himself available at Michiana Archery for private instruction and professional bow tuning.

Competitive or advanced archers can take advantage of Mr Kapp's extensive knowledge of the sport.

Joe is happy to help all levels of archers!

Adaptive Archery
Archery is a sport without limitations. At Michiana Archery, we will create a program tailored to each student's particular needs. One on one attention with experienced staff can help you or a loved one have new experiences, meet new friends and gain confidence. We believe in you!

Home School Archery Club

Connecting the Michiana Home School Community with Michiana Archery is a win & win situation! Learn archery techniques as a beginner or advanced student. We will have USA Archery certified instructors with decades of teaching experience with youth and archery on hand to handle all skill levels. Incorporating history and literature with the physical, social, mental, and emotional benefits of archery are our goals along with having fun!

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