Shadow Pro 34 Win & Win Hunting Bow

Shadow Pro 34 Win & Win Hunting Bow


Ultra Light Carbon Bow

Win&Win’s SHADOW PRO series gets all the benefits from our world famous recurve technology. Made to maximize the properties of carbon, SHADOW’s riser minimizes unnecessary limb movement when an arrow is released. This makes shooting far more stable and efficient by lessening the wasted energy lost as vibration. The SHADOW PRO also features the upgraded EZ cam which helps you in setting your draw length perfectly.

As with any custom bow, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

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Axel to Axel: 34"
IBO Speed: 324 fps with EZ1 cam
Mass Weight: 3.66 lbs / 1.66 kg
Brace Height: 67/8“
Draw Weight: 40-50# to 60-70# 

Right or Left Hand
Draw Length:
22 1/4“ to 26 1/4“ EZ Cam S

24 1/2“ to 28“ EZ Cam 1
26 1/4“ to 29 3/4“ EZ Cam 2
27 3/4“ to 30 1/4" EZ Cam 3

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