Repairs and Technical Services

 This is a general list of repairs and services we offer, and is by no means complete. Please phone us and share your repair and service needs. We have a full service shop with technicians always on duty.
Maybe you bought a bow but aren't sure what you have! Maybe it has been sitting for a while. Bring it in, we can detail what you might need to keep your equipment in top form.


When it comes to bow strings, Shoot with the Best! Michiana Archery has partnered with First String Bow Strings, an Indiana manufacturer, to provide our customers with professional archer recommended strings in endless color combinations. No stretch, no creep. Perfect peep alignment every time!

Created in several styles using different types of string material, there is one suitable for all your archery needs. Consult with our experts to find out exactly which product is best for your style, and we will do the measurements and take care of the ordering and installation for you.
First String USA