We Sell Archery Gear and Supplies

All Bows, Crossbows, Arrows, Targets, Sights, Stabilizers, Strings, Weights, Lenses, Scopes, Quivers, Releases, Arrows, Accessories...
Hunting, Bowfishing, Competition Archery.           

Michiana Archery can get any product you need for any bow style you choose.

Michiana Archery had a great time at the Archery Trade Association show where we brought on Win&Win, a Korean company with only FIVE dealers in the united states. We are honored and excited to work with Win&Win!


Bob Lee Traditional Bows

Michiana Archery is honored to be the one and only Bob Lee archery dealer in the world.

We BUY Used and New Equipment!

Do you have old archery equipment sitting around gathering dust?

Need an upgrade or just some extra cash?


Layaway Program

Having trouble buying that piece of equipment? We offer Layaway!

20% down
NO Interest!
Balance to be paid in 90 days

Total purchase must be more than $100

Full Service Repair

Have some broken equipment? Parts wearing out?

We have a full service repair shop on premise that repairs broken bows and crossbows!

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