Win & Win Archery Store

Win&Win Black Warranty Service

WIN&WIN warrants its bows against defects arising from faulty workmanship and/
or defective materials for the lifetime of the product. The lifetime warranty applies to
components such as risers, wheels and cams. Limbs are warranted for 2 years.
Strings and cables are not warranted.

Any attempt to alter, dismantle or change the standard specifications of the bow, other than
specified in the instruction booklet, will void warranty. This warranty is made to the original
owner of the bow and is not transferable.

WIN&WIN’s warranty obligation is limited to the repair or replacement of products that
are determined by WIN&WIN not to be functioning satisfactorily. WIN&WIN reserves the
right to require proof of purchase to support warranty claims. We assume no liability for
any incidental or consequential damages or incidental expenses. No warranty is made, or
authorized to be made by any of our dealers, distributors, or representatives other than
those expressly contained herein.